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Commercial Property for Sale in Georgia and Alabama

TrueSouth lists commercial, transitional and HBU (higher and better use) properties for sale in Georgia and Alabama.

You’ve seen transitional and HBU properties – former farms and timberland that have been developed into shopping centers and housing subdivisions, estates or mini-farms.  They’ve been converted or “transitioned” into their economically “higher and better use.”

If you have these types of properties  to sell or are looking for a new commercial opportunity, let us know.  800-200-LAND.

Following are our current commercial listings…

263 +/- Acres in North Lee County

County: Lee City: Opelika State: Alabama Zipcode: 36832 Land

$1,150,000 ±263 Acres

This is a gorgeous, gently rolling property lying in the North portion of Lee County offering numerous possibilities to its owner. Property resides in the…

Listing Agent: Scott Sullivan

Taliaferro Office Lot

County: Montgomery City: Montgomery State: Alabama Commercial

$100,000 ±0.68 Acres

Near East Chase Shopping Center, Taylor Road, I-85, schools, shopping, restaurants, other office buildings.  This 29,587 sq. foot office lot is ideal for a business…

Listing Agent: Red Clay

TrueSouth lists commercial, transitional and HBU properties in Georgia and Alabama.

We also include in this group a relatively new classification of real estate that we call “transitional” or “HBU” (highest and best use) property.

Transitional, aka, HBU property is real estate that is near growing urban areas but that hasn’t yet been developed for other than ag and/or recreational use.  Timberland, cattle farms, cropland, etc. is being developed for commercial/retail and/or residential use.  We can all see many examples of this near Atlanta, Birmingham, Auburn, Montgomery, Columbus, GA and other cities and metropolitan areas that have seen their surrounding agricultural land “transition” to their “highest and best use.”  Just look at North Georgia!

Admittedly, it is open for debate whether a commercial development, for example, is a higher and better use for a tract of timberland.  But, as agents for our seller/client, we are mainly concerned with what approach will bring our selling client the highest return the property.  HBU, as used here, refers to the highest and best “value” use.

Georgia and Alabama are experiencing robust economic expansion.  If we can help you find or sell a commercial, transitional or HBU property, please contact us.

If you have what you believe may be transitional/HBU property that may be developed into retail and other commercial use and/or a new subdivision with nice, new homes, give us a call or email us.  We have experience with these types of properties and can give you a no-obligation evaluation.

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