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Hungry Bears- 10/13/2017

By Meaghan English, TrueSouth Properties Wildlife Specialist

As many of you already know, black bears are a frequent species spotted here in Alabama. Chances are, you have encountered one on your own while you were out and about in the woods. Those chances increase the further south you go in Alabama. It has been reported that a population of about 50 black bears dwell in approximately 150 square miles of land in the Baldwin, Washington, Clarke, and Mobile counties of Alabama. It is not uncommon to walk outside in the rural areas of these counties and spot several black bears at one time. The population number varies as bears from surrounding states sometimes pass through during mating season and then return to their native homelands. There are pros and cons associated with the urban sprawl of black bears. The good news is the black bears are not aggressive and only become combative when provoked. The bad news is much of the hardwood bottomland that bears desire are being cleared for timber or agricultural use so they are becoming more and more comfortable with humans and infringing upon human territory. It is best to stay clear of any bears that you come into contact with because they are wild animals. It is also pertinent to take photos and notate any identifying characteristics of bears you may encounter. This information can help state wildlife officials keep up to date data on the bears in the area!


P.S. I have attached pictures of some very HANGRY bears near Chunchula in Mobile County. These pictures were taken in August of this year (despite what the game camera may say) and shows just how resourceful these animals can be!

By: Red Clay

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