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1/19/16 – Georgia Forestry Facts


Georgia has great timber and hunting land.  Did you know:

  • Of Georgia’s 37 million acres of land area, 24.8 million acres is forest land.
  • Of the 24.8 million acres, 24.4 million acres is available for commercial use – more than any other state in the nation.
  • Forest-related industries inject $23.6 billion and 108,112 jobs into the state’s economy.
  • Georgia’s commercial timberlands grow 19 million tons more wood each year than is harvested, resulting in growth exceeding removals by 38 percent.
  • Georgia’s deer population exceeds 1.2 million.
  • Georgia’s wild turkey population is now about 300,000 birds with huntable numbers of wild turkeys in all 159 counties of the state.

TrueSouth has years of experience in timber management and the buying and selling of recreational property.  If you are looking for property in Georgia, give TrueSouth a call and let us help.

By: Red Clay

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