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Keith McCartney

Land Specialist


Wetumpka, AL (Cell 334-313-2001)


Keith was raised in an avid hunting and fishing family in central Louisiana.

Keith received a B.S. degree in Wildlife Management from Louisiana Tech.

Fresh out of college Keith accepted a position as an Assistant Refuge Manager, with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. His first duty station was in coastal South Carolina. He was later transferred to Refuge Management positions in Tennessee and then in Louisiana. He then transferred into the Law Enforcement Division of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, where he was stationed in Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi.

The last years of his thirty-three years with USFWS, Keith was supervisor over Law Enforcement operations in multiple states, which included Arkansas and Georgia, in addition to the states where he actually resided. In addition to supervisory and on-the-ground law enforcement he also had the responsibility as a Service airplane pilot.

Since retirement with USFWS, Keith has continued to use his background skills to assist landowners with wildlife management assistance on private property.

Keith loves hunting, fishing, and other related outdoor activities. His passion is helping hunters purchase land with great wildlife potential.

Keith lives in Wetumpka, Alabama with his wife, Margaret.

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