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2/17/16 – Lime, it’s not just a fruit!

by Meaghan English, TrueSouth Properties Wildlife Specialist

While landowners are digging soil samples and sending them off to extension offices, I wanted to talk a little more in depth about lime since that is the next step in the spring planting process. I also wanted to lift a weight off of a few chests; you do not have to plant every single food plot on your property in the spring time. But it would be greatly beneficial to plant a few here and there. Spring nutrition is very important to deer and turkey, but in order to provide adequate nutrition, you must adequately prepare your food plots. It is very important to lime your fields!! But it is also important to not spread too much or too little lime. If you do not put out any lime, the consequences are costly. For example, the soil will still be acidic and less fertile. Acidic soil will not release nutrients or fertilizer, therefor making it impossible for plants to use the nutrients in the soil and costing the landowner loads of money.


By applying lime, you are raising the pH to a level that allows the soil to release nutrients and/or fertilizer. The higher pH will allow the plants to utilize all of the nutrients in the soil, and allow wildlife to get the utmost nutrition from the food plot crop. If you are unsure of where to purchase lime, I have an answer for you! The guys at DBW Outdoors have a great supply of fertilizers, seed mixtures, and lime. Their lime is not regular Ag lime; it is very fine screened and does not contain any marble filler. Because of the fine product, it only takes half the volume compared to other Ag lime to raise the pH in the soil. The small particle size also ensures quick activation. The lime will begin to raise the pH within 45 days of application, ¼ of the time it takes regular Ag lime.  The guys at DBW outdoors (and their sister company Black Belt Wildlife) will come spread their product for you or allow you to rent equipment. They are professionals in the planting world and will adequately supply you with all the tools you need for a successful food plot this spring!


Spring planting is so very important to wildlife and it is so easy to ensure successful food plots, but the clock is ticking. Spring is well on its way and it is time to start applying lime to food plots. If you have any questions about spring planting please contact me or the guys at DBW Outdoors ( They are nutrition and planting geniuses and, like myself, are here to lend a helping hand to all landowners! Please do not hesitate to ask any and all questions you may have.


By: Red Clay

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