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1/28/16 – A Walk in the Southern Forest

A Walk in the Southern Forest
by Keith Odom, TrueSouth Properties Associate Broker

What began as an early morning exercise program, my 5-mile walk became a great time of reflecting on the True values of our Southern Forests.

Grist Mill


For some, the forests offer a quiet resting place to sit on a boulder overlooking the streams and rivers – a time to escape the noise and routines of the busy city life. The artist and the photographer capture the ever-changing light that dances throughout God’s creation. Writers often seek the solitude of the forest.

For the bird watcher, the forest is a laboratory for observing and recording their diverse behavior and calls.  To the hunter, the forest is home for the next trophy White-tailed deer, Turkey, Quail, Wild Hogs, and waterfowl.  The fisherman or kayaker may use the forest as a footpath to cast a line or cast-off  on a journey downstream.

Light Unto My Path

The Southern Forests are True recreational and investment treasures.  Some of the forests are managed intensively by investors with a primary objective of supplying timber for a diverse number of products used by every household in US. Many of these great treasures are preserved as local, state and national parks and wilderness areas with values not easily valued in dollars.


If you have not taken a walk in the forest recently, please allow TrueSouth Properties to introduce you to these great Southern treasures.  Whether it’s a 5-acre recreational retreat or a 5,000-acre investment for growing timber, or whether you’re a buyer or seller, TrueSouth is greatly interested in helping you achieve your goals.  We do understand the True value of the forests.

Beginning and End

Photography by Keith Odom

By: Red Clay

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