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12/9/15 – Alabama Forestry Facts

Alabama is known for its hunting and for its forests.  Did you know:

  • Alabama is home to 1.4 million of the nations 18 million white-tailed deer and 350,000 of its 4 million wild turkeys.
  • Roughly 35 percent of Alabama’s forests are pine, 45 percent are hardwood and 20 percent are mixed pine/hardwood.
  • Enough lumber is growing in Alabama forests to build and furnish nearly 3 million homes.
  • Since 1990, over 3,150 trees have been planted each year for each baby born in Alabama.
  • The state of Alabama has 22 million forested acres, 70 percent of which are owned by 214,000 private citizens.
  • Forestry, the state’s largest industry, currently produces approximately $114 billion in products.
  • Alabama has more timber “in the bank” than ever before, more that 23 billion cubic feet.  This is equivalent to the volume of wood grown annually in the United States.
  • Could you imagine what Alabama and America would do without trees to make the 5,000-plus wood products we use daily?
  • The average forest landowner in Alabama owns 103 acres and plants over 1,200 trees per year.
  • Significantly, the forest industry employs 170,000 Alabamians with an annual payroll of $4.2 billion, the largest payroll of any manufacturing industry in the state.

As you can see, Alabama has a lot to offer potential landowners and Alabama landowners offer a lot to this state.  If you are looking to buy a tract of land give us a call and let us help.

By: Red Clay

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