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Do you need or want help managing your hunting land/farm/getaway located in Alabama?

TrueSouth Properties has several individuals who can help:

Meaghan English

Meaghan is an Auburn University trained wildife specialist.  In addition to being an agent with TrueSouth, she can help with planning for wildlife management, layout of greenfields, stands, roads and other features.  Meaghan can help with game census work and any number of other tasks associated with getting the most enjoyment from your property.

Mike Cutler

Mike has decades of experience as a commercial hunting and fishing guide in Alabama.  Similar to Meaghan, Mike can help with all aspects of planning and execution of plans for your hunting land/farm/fishing ponds, etc.

TrueSouth also has the forestry staff of our sister company, Buchanan Timber & Forestry, LLC, on hand to help with timber-related work, road construction and maintenance and many other tasks that are necessary for the enjoyment of your property.

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